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About Us

“Creative Beauty Academy is unlike any other school in the DC Metro area, as they specialize in continuing education and training for professionals in the beauty industry.

Located in Manassas, Virginia, Creative Beauty Academy (CBA) is making waves in shaping the next generation of talented artists who are versatile in pursuing a career in Esthetics, Makeup, and Special Effects.


Founded and operated by licensed television & special effects Makeup Artist, Paciencia DaCosta, the academy offers continued education with professional certified programs and specialized courses.

There is no school like it in the area.  Creative Beauty Academy has courses for Makeup artists, Estheticians, Cosmetologists, Special Effects Artists, and our local first responders needing realism for their disaster training exercises. Other classes include airbrushing, updo styling, lash extensions, lash lifts, microblading and more.  We even have a unique class entitled “Financial Management for Beauty Pros” !

We also have online beginner classes for everyday people looking to enhance their beauty skills, as well as advanced classes for Pro's looking to increase their knowledge. 


CBA offers in person classes, as well as online certifications for a more flexible learning experience. Creative Beauty Academy enrolls students daily. They know that Esthetics, makeup and special effects remain an important part of the life and entertainment and Creative Beauty Academy is leading the way forward.

CBA offers students flexible tuition options!


Creative Beauty Academy, Shaping beauty professionals for the future!

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